We founded Singapore's first lion dance troupe for seniors since 2023.
Silver Pride Lion Troupe is a multi-ethnic, senior-friendly program that teaches seniors the basics of lion dance. 

Seniors engage in physical and social activities through lion dance, which is adapted for both ambulant and wheelchair-bound participants.
How is this different from other lion dance programs?
Inclusive lion head for seniors
We hacked and prototyped a senior-friendly lion head that makes it easier to be handled by seniors, through 3D printing and digital fabrication.
Adapting the traditional dance to a senior troupe​​​​​​​
We have designed the lion dance to be led by a senior on wheelchair, while staying true to the sequences, structure, and formation of a traditional lion dance performance.
Progressive exercises to improve dexterity​​​​​​​
We build seniors' upper body and grip strength to positively impact their skills required for activities of daily living, through progressive exercise routines.
Low-noise instruments​​​​​​​
We reduce noise levels emitted from drumming and cymbal-playing, so that seniors can practice in void decks and residential areas to their hearts' content.

Hear what our seniors have to say about our program. 
We have since piloted the first run of the program with Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre (Holland Close) to a roaring success.
After six weeks of the program:
👴 Male participation rates almost doubled (from 17% to 28%)
🧕 Engagement with multi-ethnic seniors in community
(More results to be validated, watch this space!) 
Frequently asked questions
1. Does the program contradict any traditions and taboos of the lion dance culture? We know that the public can be sensitive to reinventing the lion dance, such as the Chingay backlash...

We were careful to establish a fine balance between tradition and the needs of the seniors. Modifications to the lion dance equipment and choreography were made with care and respect to ensure comfort and safety for the seniors while keeping the performance authentic and true to its roots, without watering it down.

To this end, we consulted with Master Siew Puay Lee (萧培利), who is a 3rd generation disciple of famed martial artist Wong Fei Hong (黃飛鴻), to develop a sequence that stayed true to the traditions, symbolism, structure, and formation of a traditional lion dance performance.

2. Sounds interesting, how can I support this program?

Active ageing centres that are keen to partner Inheritage in the proliferation of the Silver Pride Lion Troupe program islandwide can get in touch at liontroupe@inheritage.sg.

Parties or organisations interested in R&D, contributing, collaborations, or funding future programs can get in touch at collab@inheritage.sg.

3. I have some questions and thoughts on this. Where can I contact you?

We are always welcome to new ideas, questions or opportunities. Feel free to reach out to us via the form at Contact Us, and we will get you to you within 3 working days.
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